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Skydiving Calgary - FAQ

Q: How long will the wait time be for a tandem jump?
A: The wait time depends upon the day, time, and the size of the tandem group. It can be 2-7 hours. Plan on spending half a day. Full day if weather is not co-operating.
Q: How fast do I fall?
A: Freefall averages 200 kilometers per hour or 174ft per sec
Q: Are the landings hard?
A: Normally there is less impact than jumping off a chair.
Q: What clothing should I wear?
A: Dress in casual seasonably comfortable clothing like pants or shorts and t-shirt. We provide you with a jumpsuit to wear in freefall. Sports shoes are recommended.
A: Is there a weight limit for skydiving?
Q: Yes, we can safely take someone up to 250 lbs.
Q: Are there any age limitations?
A: You must be 18 years old. There is no upper age limit as long as you are healthy.
Q: Can I breathe in freefall?
A: Yes, there is lots of air around you.
Q: What does it feel like?
A: We cannot describe the unique sensations you will feel, but we will tell you that it will be your most exhilarating
experience yet!
Q: How long do I fall?
A: You will freefall is approx 40 seconds from 13,000ft.
A: Will I be scared?
Q: It is normal to be apprehensive about jumping from an airplane. The airplane ride up is typically where most students feel the most anxiety, but few jumpers report feeling anything but exhilaration once they’ve left that door!
Q: What height will we jump from?
A: You will jump from 13,000 feet AGL (Above Ground Level)
Q: How experienced are the instructors?
A: All of our instructors are certified by the Canadian Sport Parachute Association.

Skydive Big Sky delivers the highest quality of training by keeping our focus on safety and adhering to, and exceeding rules and regulations set forth by The Canadian Sport Parachuting Association.

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