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Progressive Freefall

In the Progressive Freefall (PFF) program a student skydiver jumps with one or two PFF Instructors from 13,000 feet. This will give you approximately 40 seconds of freefall to work on specific tasks that you and your own personal instructors have practiced on the ground before you have boarded the aircraft.

With the Progressive Freefall Program you do less jumps but experience full freefall right away. You receive extensive ground instruction and communicate by hand signals in freefall. The instructors guide your body into position and help you find and pull your parachute ripcord. Once your body is flying stable instructors release you and continue to freefall with you from a short distance away so you may use them as a reference for turns and mid-air maneuvering.

progressive freefall calgary

A prerequisite of taking the Progressive Freefall Course is that you MUST complete the First Jump Course and a Tandem Jump.
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Skydive Big Sky employs a rigorous maintenance program on all of our equipment. All parachutes are equipped with AAD (automatic activation devices) manufactured by Cypres and Vigil. At Skydive Big Sky we own and operate our own aircraft. We do not lease aircraft from other outfits who have only their bottom line in mind.

All of our Tandem Masters and Jump Masters have been professionally trained and adhere to the guidelines set forth and regulated by the Canadian Sport Parachute Association.

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