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Tandem Skydive is one of two options Skydiving Calgary offers in order for you to experience your first jump. A Tandem Skydive is where you are physically attached to an instructor by a harness. This allows you the thrill of freefall with the comfort of an experienced instructor. You exit the aircraft in tandem from 13,000 feet above the ground, freefall for about 40 seconds, and then you descend under a parachute designed for two.

Currently we operate a 10 passenger Piper Navajo (13,000 feet AGL) and a 14 passenger King Air (13,000 feet AGL).

Meet Your Friends from Edmonton and Calgary to Sky Dive at Skydive Big Sky!

We cannot describe this unique experience, but we will tell you that it will be your most thrilling experience yet!
The most exhilarating experience of your life is just one phone call away! Skydive Big Sky operates seven days a week and is available now to assist you with your Tandem Skydiving reservation. Call or Contact Us Today!



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