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Tandem Skydive Calgary

Super Tandem From 13,000 ft. (AGL) 16,000 ft. (ASL)

Tandem Skydive is one of two options Skydiving Calgary offers in order for you to experience your first jump. A Tandem Skydive is where you are physically attached to an instructor by a harness. This allows you the thrill of freefall with the comfort of an experienced instructor. You exit the aircraft in tandem from 13,000 feet above the ground, freefall for approx. 40 seconds, and then you descend under a parachute designed for two.

Together you and your professional skydiving instructor will pilot the parachute to the ground. After just 30 minutes of training you will be on your way to the experience of a lifetime. Please feel free to contact the school if you have questions or concerns regarding our safety record or any physical disability issues.

tandem skydive Calgary

This summer we will be operating a 10 passenger Piper Navajo (13,000 feet AGL) and a 14 passenger King Air (13,000 feet AGL).

We cannot describe this unique experiencel, but we will tell you that it will be your most exhilarating experience yet!

We will fly the aircraft to 13,000 feet above the ground. When we are at jumping altitude we will open the door to a very strong wind that seems a little intimidating at first but you get used to it quickly after the adrenalin rush takes over. You will then move toward the door and take your first steps into space. ReadySetGo…and there you are falling out of a perfectly good airplane!

Then you realize this doesn’t feel like falling at all, it feels like you’re floating in suspended air. The feeling of floating and flying is unlike anything you will ever experience. Skydivers believe it’s why birds sing - because they can fly!
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Skydive Big Sky employs a rigorous maintenance program on all of our equipment. All parachutes are equipped with AAD (automatic activation devices) manufactured by Cypres and Vigil. At Skydive Big Sky we own and operate our own aircraft. We do not lease aircraft from other outfits who have only their bottom line in mind.

All of our Tandem Masters and Jump Masters have been professionally trained and adhere to the guidelines set forth and regulated by the Canadian Sport Parachute Association.

The most exhilarating experience of your life is just one phone call away!
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Tandem Skydive Calgary