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Wingsuit Training Alberta

Rocky Mountain Wingsuit

The Rocky Mountain Wingsuit school provides training for experienced skydivers, whether you wish to learn how to fly wingsuits or you are looking to improve your current wingsuit flying skills.

First Flight Course

Designed for skydivers who are new to wingsuit flying, this course provides all the fundamental instruction to fly a suit for the first time and includes:
  • Ground instruction (60/90 minutes) from how to don a suit to all the required pre-jump and in-flight procedures
  • Free use of a school suit
  • Supervision on the ground and in the air from our wingsuit coach
  • Debrief & logbook endorsement
  • Copy of your jump’s video recording
Requirements for the first jump:
  • B CoP
  • A minimum of 200 logged jumps (please provide your logbook)
  • A docile, square or semi-elliptical main with a wing load < 1.5 lbs/sqft
  • A working automatic activation device
  • Both a visual and an audible altimeter
  • Helmet
wingsuite Alberta

Wingsuit Coaching

Rocky Mountain Wingsuit also offers coaching to wingsuit pilots looking to improve their current skills. From basic relative work and acrobatic manoeuvres to more advanced skills such as back flying and carving, we will tailor a program to your needs. All coached jumps include pre and post-jump briefing as well as video recording.

For more information please see our website:

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wingsuit instructor Alberta Your Wingsuit Instructor

Oscar (Oz) Lozada - has over 1300 skydives of which more than 900 have been flying wingsuits. He holds two world records in formation wingsuit flying and is the former camera person of the Zero Drift wingsuit acrobatic team.

Oz is a Wingsuit Coach Examiner for the Phoenix-Fly wingsuit manufacturer and holds coach ratings from the Canadian Sport Parachute Association, the British Parachute Association and Phoenix-Fly.

For more information, please contact Oz directly at



Wingsuit School Alberta